How to set framerate with OpenGL?

I run HL under XP Pro, latest versions of everything, but I have a couple of probs. In D3D mode, I get 120Hz on my monitor, which I pre-set in the nvidia configs. Game looks fine at first, but when I exit to menu to save or whatever, then resume the game, only the menu background comes up. Game IS running though, can hear it from the sounds. I can fix this temporarily by changing the resolution, then back again, but it’s very bothersome obviously. Seems the game runs better with OpenGL anyway, and the game even resumes as it should, but I get only 60Hz on my monitor, which will fry my brain before long. I set the fps_max to 120 in the console, but that didn’t change a thing. How can I force the OpenGL to run HL in 120Hz?

Disable Vertical Synch in the OpenGL part of your driver settings.

I’m confused: you say you get “I get 120Hz on [your] monitor,” and then you say you want to set the frame rate. The monitor’s refresh rate is not the same thing as the game’s fps (frames per second). The fps is determined by how fast the game runs on your system. You cannot set the fps (although it looks like in HL, you can limit it to some maximum value). The monitor’s refresh rate is a constant for each display mode and you can set it.

If you’re talking about fps (which I would assume you are), Uh was probably right. Just tell your drivers not to sync buffer swapping to vertical refeshes on your monitor, and your fps should be similar to the D3D fps, and probably a little higher.