How to rotate the pool while the balls going?

I’m totally a beginner. I don’t know how to rotate the pool while the balls going in my Pool3D game.

I assigned the rotation variables to the mouse so that I can rotate the pool by moving the mouse, and then I wrote a procedure (in Delphi) to make the balls going:

procedure go;

until all_balls_stopped;

It did work. But then I found that I can’t rotate the pool with the mouse while the balls going on it. How can I rotate it with the balls going at the same time? Please help!

Thanx in advance.

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You can f. a. move the Camara in every Animation step or you can befor you make any other movement do a rotation.

try to use application.processmessages within your loop so other procedures can be called within the loop

I really appreciate it if you can tell me more about application.processmessages