How to render leaf textures smoothly?

I have a tree model. The leaves are textures and I use mipmaps with the command:


Because the leafs are with alpha channel, I get a white silhouette around the leaf (probably from the adjacent transparent white pixels).
On the other hand, when I remove the above mipmap command and use GL_LINEAR instead of MIPMAP_LINEAR I get very very noisy leaves.
In addition the leafs blink when I move.
The reason is probably my z-buffer which has only 24 bits per pixel where my frustum is big.

How can I get smooth leaf textures without noise or blinking?

You can remove the white halo around your leaves by changing the white pixels to be the same color as the the leaf.

The blinking could be either z-fighting or that you’re not rendering your leaves from back to front. If it’s z-fighting, you can try decreasing the far-clipping plane or increasing the near clipping plane. If it’s a sorting problem, then you need to sort the polygons before you draw them.