How to render directly to texture

How can I render directly (without glCopyTexImage()) to texture. I use GeForce 2 MX 400. I used Texture->Lock() in Direct3D, but how can I do it in OGL?

For now you have to use PBuffers (spec here )

A new (much better) RTT extension should be available shortly, but well… we have been told ‘shortly’ for 2 years now…

Some discussion about it in the ‘coding : advanced’ forum :;f=3;t=011406;f=3;t=012414

It’s pity. DirectX can but OpenGL can’t.

It may be VertexStream, IndexedPrimitive in Direct3D or glVertex3f in OpenGL not interface to cast texture Coordination system.

if you use Texture->Lock(); until UnLock(); in D3D but they still live in memory you cannot use OpenGL I think.