how to reinstall the opengl driver

i tried to overwrite opengl32.dll glu32.dll
in winnt/system32, but it didn’t work(prompt:
opengl32.dll being used,canna be overwritten)

i donna want to reinstall the display card

plz help me.thanks

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OpenGL32.dll and glu32.dll are both NOT part of a display driver.
OpenGL32.dll is a system dll, it contains Microsoft’s OpenGL implementation and reroutes OpenGL call to possible installable client drivers of your graphics board vendor’s OpenGL implementation.
If you remove it you’re unable to run any OpenGL application!
glu32.dll is a dynamic link library used when you link with glu32.lib, an OpenGL helper lib used by most OpenGL apps.
Your apps will fail to run when they don’t find this DLL either!

OpenGL32.dll cannot be removed if an OpenGL program is running. And under Windows XP, the system will try to repair it if you try.
Don’t touch them, use the ones which came with your OS installation.

my opengl driver has some error
i just want to reinstall it

If your video card vendor makes OpenGL drivers, it should come with them. They do NOT overwrite opengl32.dll, etc. though. For instance, nVidia’s OpenGL drivers are named something like nvogl.dll. Opengl32.dll will call out to nvogl.dll for any features it implements.

Like Relic said, you DON’T want to try replacign opengl32.dll. Try re-install your video drivers instead.

BTW, just out of curiosity what sort of error, and what makes you think that it’s opengl32.dll and glu32.dll that’s causing the problem?