How to reduce number of triangles in md2 models

Hi, I am trying to create my own rts game using c++ and OpenGl. I have some problems with FPS. When I want to display more then 100 md2 models, fps equals about 15. Models are made of about 700 triangles. I was wondering about reducing the number of triangles in my models, if they are far from the camera. The problem is that I don’t know how to reduce the number of them, and I don’t know how to align positions of triangles, that are still displayed. Does anybody know a good webpage about loading, animating, reducing quality of 3d models??

google knows them all…

OK, thanks for your reply. I will look at those pages. But does anybody know what is the best md2 model editor and, from what page I can download it. I had some problems to find it in google.

Listen, my problem is that I want to reduce number of triangles in objects that are far from the camera. But when I delete triangle there is a hole in my model. I want other triangles to stick well! Ho can I do it?

Depending on the editor you can delete the edges and unnecessary vertices, or delete faces and move the vertices to close the gaps. You might need to adjust texture mapping afterwards.

If you make the models yourself, I suggest you do it the other way around, first make a low-resolution version, save it, and then make the high-resolution versions from it by splitting faces and moving the new vertices.


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