how to realize the openGL API in my Embedded sys?

I want to realize the openGl in my embedded systerm .

so I must to know which openGL API need I to realize ?
ALL APIs in the GL.H GLU.H must be realized by me ?

thanks .

My os is linux
chip is ST7100

I suggest you look at:

Or if software is OK, try Mesa

and which lib is better for me ? openGL es ?

depends, are you a end user or a hardware developer looking to provide support?

you are right , I am a hardware driver engineer .

plz give me some good idea , thank you

I am not sure I can help you much more as you should know the requirements of what you are doing.

OpenGL-ES was designed for embedded devices, but if your job is to implement the “desktop OpenGL API”, that is what you will have to do.

Implementing OpenGL is not an easy task - so make sure you know what you are doing.

FYI: There are some implementations that have source available, one is Mesa the other is the old SGI implementation.