How to read the values inside VBOs?

This basic C compilation stuff, when you depend on other libs.
#include header allows to fix compilation errors.
-l<mylib> allows to fix linker errors “undefined reference”

try adding -lGLEW to you compile line

Thank you so much…The problem solve already… :smiley:

Including headers is only half of what you need to do to use a library. The headers only contain declarations of functions/types, but not their definitions. Those get compiled into a shared ( or static (libGlew.a) library.
You need to link with the libraries you are using to solve the linker errors you are getting (use the -l option to gcc):

# compile source to object code (.c -> .o)
gcc -c -o main.o main.c
gcc -c -o helper.o helper.c

# link object code and libs to executable (.o, libs -> executable)
gcc -o main -lglew -lGLUT main.o helper.o

Ok…Thank a lot :slight_smile: