how to print text using glutBitmapCharacter() on SGI-Irix

Myself Saurabh Shrivastava have posted the problem regarding the
glutBitmapCharacter() on IRIX(6.5)…according to suggestion i tried to change
the code with void * but its still not working…
kindly let me know the answer why its giving prob…I still feel that may be
i’ve not set the exact environment (glColor or any Disable/Enable option for
light or anything but i’m not sure) though i don’t know which to set for …
again i’m enclosing the code here…

                   fn declaration

                   void text_string(int x,int y,void *font,char *text);

                   calling fn

                   void *font="GLUT_BITMAP_8_BY_13";
                   char *buff="SAURABH";
                   float cent_x,cent_y;



                   fn definition
                   void text_string(int x,int y,void *font,char *text)


                   if (text == NULL)
                   while (*text != '\0')
                   glutBitmapCharacter(font, (int)*text);

                   any help in the matter wil be appreciated .

                   thanks in advance