How to post in "Suggestions" forum?

Hello all.
I’m new to this forum and I really sorry for creating topic in this section, but I did not find any rules of FAQ about how to create topics in “Suggestions for the next release of OpenGL” section.
Can somebody explain what I need to do to gain access to it?

You are right, as a someone with no previous posts you don’t have a privilege to post a topic at the “Suggestions for the next release”.
It is very unlikely that someone’s first post to this forum will be a valid suggestion for the next release.
The history has proven the previous assumption, and that’s why it is forbidden.

After a few valid posts, you’ll be eligible to post also to that section. In the meantime, your suggestions for the next release could be an interesting post to the Advanced section, for example.

Ok. Thanks.

I don’t think what “Advanced” forum is right place for it.
I’m care about unified API for GPU performance counters, I think it will help to build cross-vendor profiling/tuning tools, etc.
Right now we have AMD_performance_monitor and INTEL_performance_query and seems to NVIDIA export counters via NVPerfKit, but it works only on Windows.

That’s something I asked for several years ago, but there is no intent for the perf API to be unified in the foreseeable future.
The only solution now is to make separate reading functions for each vendor. Another problem is in fact that hardware counters are not the same. The unification should take part also in hardware and drivers which is not likely to be done.

Sad to hear that.
Hardware is different, right, but we can unify interface like done in ARB_texture_compression and ARB_get_program_binary.
Some basic functions like glBeginPerformanceQuery, glEndPerformanceQuery, etc (or maybe use existing glBegin/EndQuery with new enums + some new functions)
And query actual subset of supported enums via something like glGetIntegerv/glGetQueryiv(GL_NUM_PERFORMANCE_QUERIES, …) in runtime.
Serialization of integer arrays is easier when control of different subset of functions.