How to play sound in unix?

I am new babe in opengl. Can anybody tell me how to play sound in unix?

this is not related to OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) in any way.


ok, while this is off topic, there are a ton of windows related off topic posts, and nobody complains, so ill answer this one anyway.

unix does not have a set way of playing sound, each implementation is different. in linux, there is oss, sun and sgi have there own as well, as does bsd, etc…

if you are using linux, you can try to use oss, but it is very low level. i would suggest using a higher level library. openAL comes to mind, especially because it behaves in almost the same way as openGL. its also cross platform. if you are using sdl, it has some basic sound playing capabilities as well. if you are using some other unix, youll have ask somewhere else. again, this is an off topic post, so dont expect a lot of answers