how to play mpeg file in opengl?

is there any free lib?

If you want multi channel MPEG support for SFX, Music etc. then I’d suggest BASS … it’s free for freeware stuff and I recollect that it’s about $100 for a shareware license … we like it and works well for our gaming requirements and we’ve found it to be stable and well supported …

There’s FMOD too …


I dont think he is talking about mp3’s but about videos files.

However the question how to playback video files comes up at least once a month. Just use the forums search function and you will find all the info you need.

Or you can just use Windows’s AVI functions. has moviemaker.cpp moviemaker.h init’s CVS. It’s pretty simple. You just select a codec that does mpeg compression.

BASS requires a license even if you are giving away your demo.

Thanks all of you.

I find SDL and SMPEG.