How to onvert an OpenGl function into a dll?

i have written a simple opengl program which takes a model as input , take some snapshot from it in different angles and outputs a series of 2d images .

just to give you some more details ,
#1 the while loop follows the current angle of the 3D object ,
in case the object has turned for 1000 degrees , the while loop breaks and the program stops .

#2 i have put all the code inside a class and using just one method i can make this project work as i want ( as the following )

 	void snapshot_wih_loop_in_memory_output_path(const void* pbuffer, size_t plenght ,std::vector<float> angoli, std::string output_path, float Increase_scale, bool _x_axis, bool _Y_axis, bool _Z_axis);`
  • So the main function of the project doesn’t contain anything . i just need to make an instance of the class which contains the mentioned function and give it the arguments .

Now my questions are :

  • has some one ever tried to make a dll out of an opengl function to be used in .Net core ?

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