how to .OBJ file..

hey i am using VC++ with OpenGl and i want to load >obj file into my program…
I have made a molel in MAYA and exported it into .OBJ file…
now how i can use that .OBJ file in my program…??


You refer to ‘my program’. What does your program do so far? Is it displaying any graphics - points, lines, polys, text? Also, how many lines of code is it in its present form. How many lines of code are you willing to write to import and display an .OBJ file?

Well that’s really a data import and wrangling issue. This is not an OpenGL question.

Many maya users write an exporter using the Maya API either in a native language or as a plugin. They then get to define what they export and their own format.

Importing an OBJ starts with finding documentation on the obj file.

There are also utilities out there for format conversion etc. like milkshape3D

if you want to develop marketable skills I’d suggest you look at exporting collada and importing that. It’s well documented and there’s code out there to help. It will also help you use other data from additional sources. e.g. Google Earth’s 3D format is a compressed collada file.

I’m closing this thread since this is the wrong forum.

Best of luck.