how to map an image onto an irregular 3d object?


I was asked to map an image to a heart model whose shape is irregular. Could anyone please give me some idea how to do this?
Is this possible?
Thanks a lot

The keyword you search for is “unwrapping”.
A good technique is “Least Squares Conformal Mapping”, abreviated as LSCM.
The Blender 3D package has good tools to help artists unwrap sucessfully any sort of meshes, even the most complex ones.

If you prefer simpler concepts, depending on the complexity of the mesh, a simple spherical or cubic mapping can be enough.

By the way, this is not really an opengl subject, more a “Math & Algorithms” one.

Hi Zbuffer,
Thanks for the reply.
I will take some time read the link first. If i still have questions, i will post another thread in “Math & Algorithms” forum.