How to map 4 images to screen?


How to map 4 images to the area like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1472[/ATTACH]?
The transform will be like using four look-up tables for backward mapping.
The right side rectangle is for vertex shader. I know how to use fragment shader and vertex shader to do fisheye calibration.
BTW, I know how to use texture.


The 4 images’ transforms to the four areas are nonlinear, and each of them is bit different, take one for example: image1 --> area1.
Suggest that there are 100 points,

vertex_position[0] --> texture[0] … vertex_position[99] --> texture[99];
here vertex position is area1, texture is image1, vertex position’s z is not used and is setting to 0,
I perform the nonlinear transform on texture coordinates,

texture[0] = transform(texture[0])


I can transform one image, what I want to know is how to transform four images?

It’s not clear to me exactly what you you know vs. want to know here.

Check out the “Lens Matched Shading” and “LMS” pages in this presentation:

Theory is first, then practice. There’s also source code for this out there on the NVidia web site. What they’re doing isn’t precisely what you’re doing, but it’s very close.