How to make Visual Studio 2005 support opengl2.0+?

hi guys,
The OS of My PC is win7 ultimate version and graphics card is intel hd 3000. VS2005 currently just supports opengl1.1 and I need later versions such as openg2.0, opengl3.0 to program. I’m a beginner, so how to make Visual Studio 2005 support opengl2.0+?
Thanks everyone!

You have to get function pointers at runtime :

Easy way is to use an extension loading library that does the work for you, ie GLEW.

It’s not Visual Studio that gives you OpenGL support, it’s your graphics card and driver. If your graphics card doesn’t support OpenGL 3.0+, and if you don’t have a driver for OpenGL 3.0+, then Visual Studio can do nothing about it.

On the other hand if you do have this support in your graphics card and driver, and you want to write code to this level, then getting the function pointers (or - even better - using an extension loading library such as GLEW) is the way to go.