How to make simulation in open GL

I am a begginer ,so someone tell how to simlate an hydraulic excavator in open GL on linux platform
please its urgent

A good place to start is by learning OpenGL and a programming language such as C/C++. As you are doing that you might wish to take some courses in Mechanical Engineering (preferably a 4 year degree). Then you might want to actually get your hands on some blueprints for the equipment in questions. Model it and use some physics and engineering principles to simulate the loads, forces, pressures, stress, strain and any other phenomena you are interested in simulating.

Glad I could help

This is the best I could do on such short notice. Not very pretty but it works great other than the wheels being too small!

 /\   _

/ _/ _

It got mangled first time around!

 /\   _

/ _/ _

Originally posted by HELPMEPLEASE:
works great other than the wheels being too small!

I think you can fix it by adding an extra pair of wheels:

 /\   _

/ _/ _

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