How to make pink color..?

hi… i,m still a beginner in this opengl…
and we’ve got an assignment…an extra mark will be given for those who using pink color in our assignment.
i’ve tried but still cannot find what the mix for pink color…can anyone help me…

Something like rgb 255, 175, 175 should be close


255 0 255 is often referred to as pink but in actuality its over brightened magenta. It all depends on what you think pink looks like Personally I’d open up Paint (if you have windows of course) and go into the color selected (click on one of the colors on the bottom twice) and find the color I like, then look at the values given.

LOL, this has to be a joke right? I mean giving extra points for just being pink in color? Whats next, extra points if you can draw in black on a black screen ?

Oh, I agree, open up a paint program, and find the pink you want. Most all tell you the color value.

Use the palette of an image editor to find the color you want. Then be careful with the light color that you use to render the scene.

and by the way

Believe it or not, there are a range of colors that actually lie outside of the abilities of an RGB color scheme. There’s a diagram in my text book that demonstrates this, but I don’t have it handy at the moment. I think that a really good looking pink might be one of these colors. There are some examples of reasonable pinks at the following URL, though:

i dont know about u’s but some of those pinks look like brown to me

thanx a lot guys…
actually i’ve already sent my assignment by using the combination rgb color (155,0,100)
yap for me it looks like magenta…

and thanx for the info. of the color window.

Yeah. Some of them do look more like brown. The hot pink is probably the closest to what I really consider pink. A lot of the others are more of a flesh-tone, IMO.