How to make KeyCallback fuction work?

import glfw
from OpenGL.GL import *
import numpy as np

currentMode = GL_LINE_LOOP
# or use currentMode as global variable

def render(currentMode):
    #Draw Something

def key_callback(window, key, scancode, action, mods):
    if key==glfw.KEY_1:
        if action==glfw.PRESS:
            currentMode = GL_POINTS
    elif key==glfw.KEY_2:
        if action==glfw.PRESS:
            currentMode = GL_LINES
    elif key==glfw.KEY_3:
        if action==glfw.PRESS:
            currentMode = GL_LINE_STRIP
def main():
    if not glfw.init():
    window = glfw.create_window(480, 480, "CG_weekly_practice_03-1_ 2015002606", None, None)
    if not window:
    glfw.set_key_callback(window, key_callback)

    while not glfw.window_should_close(window):
if __name__ == "__main__":

I try to change render fuction parameter, but it doesn’t work in while loop.
What should I do?

This is a Python issue, not a GLFW issue. In Python, you need a global statement to modify global variables from within a procedure:

def key_callback(window, key, scancode, action, mods):
    global currentMode 

Otherwise, it will treat currentMode as a local variable which is assigned to but never used.

A variable not explicitly declared global is treated as a local variable if it’s assigned to anywhere within the procedure and global if not.

Thanks, but redering didn’t changed. I make print(currentMode) in loop and I checked this parameter changing… But rendering in screen doesn’t change. I don’t know why. I made inital state of currentMode = GL_LINE_LOOP before main(), Should I change the location of code “currentMode = GL_LINE_LOOP”

@MintStout, I’ve deleted your other thread. It was a copy/paste of the code in this one, with no description, and only 2-3 lines changed.

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Respectfully disagree.
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How typical “reply”.
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