How to make gradient-color or image background?

How to make gradient-color or image background?
In some CAD applications, they use gradient color background, such as Catia V5, Unigraphics V18. I want to know how they programmed. Please contact me directly by my e-mail "" because i am not registered user. Thanks.

ps. I’m use Visual C++. Thanks.

For gradient colored backgrounds, you might want to draw a really big quad in the background and set the 4 vertices a different background.

For the picture backgrounds, what I do is load in the picture and pass the pixel information to glDrawPixels(…). That way it’s independent of the transformations and lighting and such. If you don’t want it independent, then you probably have to texture map a large quad.

For a lot more posts on this topic, try putting this in the beginners forum. This is not the right forum to get information on programming

Good luck!!

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