How to make a text box in OpenGL c++ with OpenGL GUI Library

Hey I want to know a library that I can use to make buttons and text boxes in xy position help will be appreciated.

How is this thread materially different from your previous one(s)? It’s basically asking the same thing, only even more complicated (since now it involves text).

The answer is to go use a GUI library that renders in OpenGL. OpenGL has no functions to do this for you, so you need to use an external library.

Well than I asked this question since no one answered the last one. And I have searched for GUI librarys but have not found any. Do you know any?

libraries my bad. I screwed up. Anyways do you know any GUI library that helps me do all of the above

Hello are you going to answer the question

How to make buttons in OpenGL with glut on x,y positions. And does glui allow me to place buttons on x,y positions

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