How to Make a Simple Game Menu

I made this awsome flight simulator. There is a huge burst of flames coming out the back of the airplane. I want to add a game menu to simulator. I want to have the options Fly, Options, About, and Exit. I how do I make the game menu. Do I create a dialog and add command buttons? Once I have this part done I’ll post the FLIGHT SIM in this forum.

Hi !

There are lots of ways to do it, do you want to do it inside the GL window or in a separate window/dialog ?, what platform are you using glut, SDL or something else… and so on…


Mikeal_Aronsson, I am Win32 no glut at all. I want to try and make the game menu inside the window. How do I do that.

The best you can do is change to an orthographic proyection and then draw all your menus there.