How to make a picture with RGB pixels

In front sorry for my english i try my best.
So the problem is i have a text file with content like this


I load this for my cpp file and this are RGB components.
Now i have to write a Display() function when i used my RGB components and make a picture with them.
I have to use GL_POINTS.
But i dont know how to do this.
Picture size is 200x200.
I have 40 000 RGB lines like upper in file.
How make it?


Is this an assignment you were given?

Yes,this is my study assignment and i have use GL_POINTS this is in directives.

In very general terms
You do not have to apology for you language skills.
(Solving school) assignments are NOT very popular with forums…
You should engage your teacher, not “internet”.

Can you put these ( principles) to work ?


read (one line) data from file
output the data to OpenGL (device)

while there is data retrieved

@JulyJim maybe dont write anything about something you dont know about. I cant engage my teacher he is inaccessible i have to do this alone.

Ok so maybe i will explain again for those who have a knowledge about OpenGL.
I have TXT file with RGB colors 40 000 lines.
I create a table Pixels [40 000][3] and i load all from txt to this table.
First column is RED , second GREEN ,the third is BLUE.
Now i have to write a Display() function who will be draw a picture with GL_POINTS .
This table is a color of a single pixel.
Can anybody help me?

Looks as your language knowledge is much gooder than mine…
Since I obviously do not know squat, I hope somebody will write the code for you soon,
Best of luck.