How to make a horizon


I’m writting a flight simulator and obviously I need to draw the horizon with a blue sky and a green earth. I have tried to draw a big polygon (about 15nm)in order to simulate the earth. But it seems that OpenGL doesn’t like the idea because the frame rate drops a lot. What can I do to achieve the desired effect?

Thanks in advance for your help and greetings from Spain

Miguel Hermanns

Hello. Greetings from Australia.

The trick is probably not to emulate the real world by drawing a… however big the earth is sized polygon, because then your computer will look at the polymesh for the sun and laugh at you.

what you should be doing is storing the horizon as an angle relative to the camera and the… up/down along the screen and drawing a simple 2D quad.


Thanks for the idea, it is a good one :slight_smile:

But how do I get the angle and the vertical position of the horizon on the screen?