How to make a "Game engine" in Open GL

I was provided with an assignment for creating a “game engine” using the Vulkan API. At this point in my course I have not touched Vulkan before, nor have I used C++ to any extent. How realistic is this project for a single semester? We managed to get permission to use OpenGL as it is older and therefore more information available. I’ve also been informed it is the easier of the two.

Display a game level based on information stored in a file -

  • The file must be human-readable.
  • The info must contain - room details, size texture of walls, floor and ceiling
  • 10 default textures
  • Include doors(not necessary to be functional)
  • Contain info on lights in level - at least 3 types

Information on any models imported and displayed in-game level Models requirement -

  • allow for at least 20 000 polygons
  • be of type .fbx
  • Display textures including - normal maps, bump maps and shadows.

Include a console with the following information - Frames per Second Total triangle count in the level loading a level based on filename spawning new models

Allow user to move around the scene(collision optional)

Additional optional features (must pick 1)

  • Visual editor
  • Physics Engine
  • Animations and interactions on doors
  • Skybox

This is the absolute minimum. The application must also handle at least 10 rooms and 2 models While running at 60fps minimum

I have some code writing where I display some models with OPEN GL. I have no idea how to have all the information from the text(although I have found code on how to get information on textures from external files).

I’ve requested assistance from my educational institution but they have replied saying we’re expected to just be able to research and do this ourselves. This is an issue as our lecturer is as adept at C++ and OPEN GL as I am. Which is to say incredibly limited. This was a long post and I think it might be the wrong place but I am just so lost as to where I can even attempt to get help for this.

That depends: does the course expect you to have some familiarity with C++? If so, developing a simplistic “game engine” in 4 months is not entirely unreasonable. Especially if you’ve already done basic graphics work as a prerequisite.

My entire course is a game design course.

So I have mostly used C# and Java for Unity and Android Studio respectively.
We have’t to my knowledge done anything to this effect. I don’t think we’ve done anything that would be considered graphics work.
I assume the project isn’t too unreasonable, though I am having great difficulty in getting some parts working.

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