How to make a dolphin model swim like a dolphin?

Hello everyone,

I am now making a dolphin swim in the 3D world by OpenGL, I am now able to transform the model to any position in the world. However, the dolphin doesn’t look like swimming across the sea, it just like sliding in the sea.

Therefore, how can I make the model swims in the “wave” form? If you can, please teach me with some examples or tutorials.

Thanks you very much.

I think the mesa-demos comes with a dolphin-swimming demo called Atlantis. …hmm… can’t seem to locate it at the moment.

Thanks jmg, I have checked the Atlantis example, but the dolphin in it just sliding in the sea.

My expected output is similar to the Dolphin example in DirectX SDK. Hope you all can help me.

Thanks you very much~

what about letting it swim a simple sine-wave?

y = sin(x)*someScaleFactor

you can do that on every other plane too, not only for the height, hope it helps

oh i forgot
x is the current way you have already passed, normally it’s a variable you count upwards, y will give you the height of the sine-wave at position x (oh, that sounds so newbish)

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Thanks MofuX, it gives an new idea for me.

How about a model with keyframes?

I have thinked about the key frame method, however my skill is not good at 3D studio… so…