How to make a device driver?

Kronos claim that its API can send control data to VR app (HMD data,/VR controller, finger/body tracking)
Like OpenVR can do actually.

But I cannot find any examples on the internet.

OK, so that sadly isn’t supported yet. It’s on the roadmap and is called the device plugin for now. Defining a plugin interface for 3rd party devices (input, HMDs etc) on various platforms (not just OSes, but also mobile vs. desktop and VR vs AR) is a complex problem if you want to get it right in version 1. So it had to be delayed from OpenXR 1.0.
I can’t give you an ETA for that feature sadly, but delayed does not mean cancelled

Ah, haven’t seen this before.

So, I hope you will not make the same mistake than Valve with their SteamVR, the way how they send control data is horrible, it’s a mess of a lot useless functions.

Their standard isn’t legitimate in any ways.
It’s a shame in the driver development world.

Hope you will not take the same path, there are only two authorities able to create acceptable hardware standard communication at low level: USB Implementers Forum and Microsoft.

Letting this job to others, is like wishing your mouse/keyboard/gamepad/joystick/wheel only works on few app/games