how to load files saved as following formats into OpenGL application--Need help!

how to import(load) “objects” into an OpenGL application that are saved in the following file format:
.obj),Render(.slp),VRML(.wrl),ACIS File(.sat),
Could you give me some examples or source codes ,or give me some clue about that?I need them in a hurry.Thank you very much! Please help me!

In this web you’ll find a complete file formats collection.

This is not an advanced question, nor an OpenGL question. However, a beginner might not know this, so this answer would work well on the beginner’s board:

OpenGL is a rendering API. You deliver geometry and state to OpenGL, and OpenGL delivers pixels to the framebuffer (typically the screen).

To write an application that uses OpenGL, you have to write code to generate the geometry (typically, by setting up vertex arrays) and configuring state (typically, by enabling lights and binding/generating textures).

Loading vertex arrays from file formats, or loading texture images from file formats, has nothing to do with OpenGL, and everything to do with the specific file formats, and the specifics of your application.

[snip] Assembly(*.asm).

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