How to Load Bmp File for Texture Mapping?


does any one know how to load a bmp file for texture mapping using Symbian Sereis60? i dont want to follow the example in the SDK since it does image conversion from jpeg to bmp. i am using pure bmp so i dont need that conversion stage.


I think you need a different loader, but I don’t know where you can find it…
I also worked with pocket pc and the texture are in bmp format, if this can halp try to see
but it’s for pocket pc, for nokia I’m testing my app but I have some trouble with texture!

:slight_smile: do you know how to import a 3d model? :slight_smile:

thank u Giacomo
i have already checked ur site. it contains honestly amazing material and very useful examples.
i have checked ur texture maping example. the problem with it is that u used windowed based classes for bitmap handeling BITMAPINFOHEADER… these are not available in Series60 and hence i am not able to load the bitmap :frowning:

thank u any ways for ur help


You can load bitmaps with the Series 60 example-reference code. There should be minimal or no overhead from a “conversion”. Or you can just google for “bmp file format”, and write your own loader. Same applies to any public 2D-image / 3D-model format.

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