How to load a 3Ds max file or how to import a 3DS max into opengl

hey everyone.i need to import a 3Ds max file(.obj or .3DS file) into opengl.But i couldnt do…Im using Visual10.0 .I tried lib3ds but couldn’t find good example.I tried GLM from this link but it only import an apple for me.but when i tried to import chair and table max file it doesn’t.So anyone can give me help related to this problem…Any help will be appreciated…Examples would be helpful!!


may be this link help you.

hey thanks for the links…
but the link i told u in my above post works for me…but it doesn’t show color and material…:confused:
and could u please tell me how texture mapping would be done??

for .3ds
use lib3ds, I wouldn’t use anything else

thnx…but i used it and it didn’t work for me!!! do you have any source code or example???