how to load a 32mb picture

i’ve tried to load it, but only what i can see is a white window.
please help

Is your picture a power of two ? (such as 256*256)
Have you check the channel alpha ?
What’s your method to load this ? And what’s the format of your picture ?

If it is the right size, maybe its too big for your graphic card.
A good way to check is the Delphi3D s GLInfo that you can find at 3D hardware info.
Check the implementation specifics in the program and Max texture size.

The above answers are both correct, but please allow me to elaborate on them a bit.

There are some constrains in the classic OpenGL in regards toward the dimension of a texture.

The texture width and height need to be a power of two value. So vaild textures sizes are for example 1024x1024 or 512x128 and so forth. Unfortunatly there is a maximum width and height that depends on the underlying hardware you use. Common hardware restrictions are 2048x2048 and 4096x4096 maximum.

If you have a texture that is bigger then this you need to split it up into multiple textures and use the texture border to “stich” them together on the screen.

if you have a texture that is smaller then the maximum allowed size but doesnt have power of two dimensions you can place the texture into a bigger texture that obeys to the power of 2 restriction. Of course you need to adjust your texture coordinates too.

If you are ready to use extensions, you can also use the texture_rectangle extension to ease up your life.