How to let my texture looks better under 16 bit mode


I use photoshp’s gradient tool to create a tif file and use it as a texture. When use 32 bit desktop it looks well, but when i change to 16 bit desktop it looks bad just like a diaper.

I wonder is there a way to let my texture look better under 16 bit desktop?

256 color image can use dither to simulate 24 bit rgb image. but 16 bit dither to 24 bit
is there a dither way?


if you dither a texture, the dithering does not work very well.
when your texture in very close the dithering gets magnified too,and when your texture is far away your dithering leads to strange aliasing effects coming from the dithering pattern… it don’t look good.

to solve this problem: don’t dither any texture and just turn the opengl dithering on.(glEnable(GL_DITHER))