How to learn OpenGL

Hi, I am not sure if here where i should post, but I have to learn OpenGL. Are there any good tutorials out there that I can refer to. I know VTK, but I have always wondered that it would be better if I know OpenGL as I can really get involved with the coding.

How bout GUI toolkits that I can use with OpenGL. the reason being is, I probably have to create a system that deals with either image processing or medical visualisation at the end of my project.

You can read the book “OpenGL Game programming” or “Beginning OpenGL game programming” and some other OpenGL books at

For example:
OpenGL game programming

Nehe has also some good articles.

There are lectures on YouTube dealing with Computer Graphics…
There area about 45 lectures on Graphics…The last 10 or so deal only with OpenGL…That might be helpul for you…

OpenGL super bible

Thanks a bundle