How to learn OpenGL?

Hi! I´m on my 3rd year at the university studying media technology. I want to learn who to bring realistic dynamics into virtual environments! Been using 3D applications like Maya and Cinema 4D to make 3D and animation but I want to take it to another level, I want to learn OpenGL. And after that I want to learn how to make my own 3D-engine based on physics…

Any got some advise where to start…??
Books, sites, courses etc.



Try NeHe, they have tons of OpenGL tutorials.

try this engine. No download, just click and copy and compile. Learn OpenGL Primitives in a 3D World allready built.

I has been told just yesterday OpenGL superbible: third edition is very good reference.
Considering you’re on your third year I guess you won’t be frightned by its price. :wink: