how to know on which card the prog's running ?

what i mean is :
I wrote a program that uses register combiners for lighting, but i need a bool that says if i am on an nvidia card or not…

looking if GL_NV_register_combiners is supported does mean anything, right, since it’s OPENGL version checking, not hardware cheking. there must be a string to look for, somewhere, but where is that ??

thanks for your help

Some 3dlabs card/drivers supports that extension as well… shouldnt they be allowed to show the demo? Just check if the extension is present, thats enough.

what i meant was : opengl 1.x support GL_NV_register_combiners, so if the prog is running on a machine with an ati card, with opengl 1.x installed, and that i check if the extention’s present, then i’ll find it, but it doesn’t mean i can use it, am i right ? or not ? =) please tell me


you are not right…

extensions are not connected with opengl version… so if you find an extension in the extensionstring you are sure you can use it, else its a driverbug.

alright then, i’m gonna do that

side question :
if there are 2 extentions for doing the same thing, one specific to an nvidia card (lets say loading object in the agp memory), which one should give the best result ? the one specific to the card, or the ‘generic’ one ?

thx for your help mazy

use VBO

looks like you’re not a fan of nVidia =)


VBO is the vertex buffer object extension ( not the VAO which is atis ext for the same thing) its cross-vendor, and in opengl 1.5 its even in the opengl core… so i guess all drivers will optimise this path now and in the future.

thanks for your good answers mazy, i know what to do now