How to know if multisampling is working?


I’m doing multisampling support test and then

But somehow the polygon still doesn’t look smooth enough.
My question is - is there a way to check that multisampling is really doing the job?
Because I have seen some demos where seems multisampling is taking no effect…

Maybe the driver is forcing AA off. Check control panel.

^ I just checked , AA is on.
I have also Adaptive AA which is off.I turned on and tested - the same quality.

Weird thing is - when AA is off WGLisExtensionSupported(“WGL_ARB_multisample”) still return true

Not surprised WGLisExtensionSupported(“WGL_ARB_multisample”)still returns true. The extension is still supported, you just turned it off.

Have you created a window with support for multisampling?
I always use glew to check the OpenGL extensions.
In order to be able to initialize GLEW and multisampling, we need to first create a simple OpenGL window, then initialize GLEW, then check for Multisampling and finally try to create a window which supports multisampling( If your implementation supports multisampling ). how many samples have you used for WGL_SAMPLES_ARB?
you need to use larger values such as 4, 8 or 16 to see better and better results.
Enabling multisampling using glEnable(GL_MULTISAMPLE ) without creating a window with support for multisampling doesn’t enable multisampling.

^ Thanks!! It was WGL_SAMPLES_ARB…