How to install/use OpenGL 4.x on a cluster?


I want to use OpenGL 4.2 on a Dell cluster with onboard graphics board, running Windows Server 2008 R2. At the time OpenGL 1.1 is installed.

I can not find any driver on the internet, so what can I do to get version 4.2?

Best wishes

You need to determine which on-board GPU you have. OpenGL is not software, it’s a specification and cannot be installed. What can be installed is a graphics card driver which implements the specification. However, if your on-board GPU isn’t technically capable of supporting GL 4.x, even a brand new driver won’t give you any GL 4.x features. To get a specific GL version it always takes two: The hardware and the driver.

Thanks a lot, I figured out that it has a Matrox G200eW w/ 8MB memory integrated in WPCM450 (BMC controller). I still can’t find any driver for this which does support OpelGL 4.x … can anybody help me with this?

No, you can’t be helped because this GPU doesn’t support GL 4.x. In fact, due to the age of this chip I’d be surprised if it even supported GL 2.0.

Matrox G200?
That is from 12 or more years ago when Win 95 and 98 were around. It had GL 1.2. I’m sure that Matrox has not updated its drivers for Windows Server 2008.

You won’t even find the drivers for the G200. It is a legacy product.
If you want a software renderer, there is