How to install OpenVX Tutorial on a Linux PC with no GPU Card

Hi everybody,

I am new to OpenVX and would like to ask for a standard way to install the OpenVX Tutorial package on a Linux PC. My laptop is Thinkpad-T430 which is running Ubuntu 16.04 and having no external graphic card.
I have followed the instruction in section 3 of the Khronos OpenVX Tutorial Material ( to build the tutorial on my laptop. However, at the last step when I typed the following commands

cd ~openvx_tutorial/build-open-source
cmake ../tutorial_exercises

The make command gave the error that the variable type vx_tensor and the value VX_TYPE_TENSOR had not been declared in the header files vx_khr_nn.h and vx_ext_amd.h, respectively. I have also tried to built the package using Qt as suggested in the material, but things did not change. It seemed that there was no file containing an explicit definition of vx_tensor.

Please help me to fix this problem.
Thank in advance.

I committed a fix into the repo. Please resync and try it again.