How to initialize and use Voodoo2??

Do you know how to initialize the exclusive mode to use the voodoo2 for hw acceleration? (without using directdraw - it doesnt properly work with w2000 and voodoo2 drivers, doesnt show the voodoo GUID)

P.S. in MS Visual C++


in the OpenGL coding: Advanced forum, i posted a topic “Windowed Voodoo2 possible?”

I was helped a lot, but I use windows98… maybe the windows2000 solution is similar.

I’ve had a similar problem, and I’m still trying to resolve it.
The latest version of glsetup contains a full opengl driver, you have to load it runtime: 3dfxvgl.dll
Obviously you have not to link opengl32.lib but detect at runtime if there is a 3dfx or not, then dynamically load 3dfxvgl.dll or opengl32.dll with LoadLibrary.
This is for win9x…
look at
or you can find in this forum a topic I started called “how to use hw rendering on a Voodoo2??” where I got some useful answers.

Thanks for replying
I tried the driver-renaming-thing with a 3dfxvgl.dll in w2k drivers, but it didnt work (it had about 1.2mb and normal ogl has 600kb… strange) i tried the quake 2 miniport, didnt work as well(only about 100kb). After that I have found an old driver for w95, and it finally worked. Now I have another question:
How to get fullscreen exclusive ogl mode for other card than Voodoo2(I know how to do it in direct draw only and voodoo does this automaticaly) and how to change resolution


Look into


And the pixelformat functions are also recommended…

I have tried to use the CDS_FULLSCREEN flag in ChangeDisplaySettings. It works well with the system menu at the bottom of the screen (it is away), but I have a SBLive card that uses a panel on the top of the screen and it is all the time there, so it is not a true exclusive mode

(I am using voodoo 2 and i have attached 2 monitors - one on the main graphics card and one on the voodoo to see what is going out - when i run for example quake 2 the SBLive panel disappears, but when i run my own opengl program it stays there, so there must be a way how to get rid of it )

Another problem:
I tried my program in w95 and the ChangeDisplaySettings didnt work (in w2k it works fine)