How to influence OpenGL?

I know the ARB has meetings with people representing various companies, but what about the programmers who use OpenGL and feel that some particular functionality would improve the way OpenGL works? Is this really a good place to be heard? Who is listening, and if they are listening it would be nice to find out what is the best way to get the ideas across so that they can improve OpenGL?

One person I thought of is to contact the creator of Mesa3D, and convince him of some good extension to Mesa3D and see if they make their way to OpenGL.

The best way to influence OpenGL is to work with an OpenGL licensee, or groups of OpenGL licensees, to develop and implement new extensions. Many ISVs do this now. It’s
also possible to join the opengl-arb-interest
mailing list and bring up ideas there.

I don’t think Mesa is a licensee (at least last I heard), but I believe they have extensions in the registry.

I recently heard that OpenGL released the source code to a software impementation of OpenGL (or something like that, and I don’t mean GLX), I wonder if it would be possible to examine their source code and add extensions to it, I believe I asked my question before the extension repository was up and I believe they now explain how to get an extension added, or something like that. Any way thank you.

I heard about that… can anyone give me a link to the source code? I wouldn’t mind browsing around in it myself…

I think this is it, but its for a CVS tree and so the code is written with headers and other stuff.
Try browsing through the root of here maybe its somewhere in there compressed…

Oh ,here we go, this may just be it…

Its in a tar gzip format…

I am an end user. One of my primary applications is a program called EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers). I have an SGI 320. The software uses OpenGL acceleration.
The SGI 320 does NOT completly support OpenGL. My SGI case number is 702-6769.
If any of you have any influence with SGI, please help.
P.S. I have information from the software developer that wrote EASE that there is only 1 video card that completly supports OpenGL.