how to include a model?

Can you tell me how to include a 3D model which I construct it by using “3D studio max” into Open GL??

You can’t include directly a 3DSMAX file in a opg project. You must convert your model in a standart model same ‘wave object’ (with 3Dexploration for example).

Now you are a wave object… ( .obj).

Exist on web differents librairies to load this format same ‘glm’.

I know, it is more fast to import 3DSM but the program will run lower !!!
For example, a program at 100 frames/s -> 5 frames/s with imports 3DS

For games, i’m sure it is a bad solution to use that !!! because i’have tryed and performances are too bad!

Other solution, the software 3Dexploration permit to convert 3DSM files to opg code.

In opengl, if you want something FAST, you musn’t use imports…make only one class…using Glut it is not compatible with performances.

Bahamut, why shouldn’t we use 3ds file format? This is not slower than other else … As you load models BEFORE drawing them on the screen, not on the fly … I use 3DS file, and I never got slowdown in my program. May be the chunk process is a slow method to load vertices, but your models are “pre-loaded” … no matter for the framerate!


Well, I’m loading models one time in a list at the beginning.
For speed, if you are a medium computer as me, you will can notice the difference.

If you’re using directly 3dsMax models without problems, it is cool.

Tell me, where can I find free librairies for loading 3DS format ? I’ve already tryed to find that on the web…without result


Alternatively, you could go to, read up on the various filetypes, and make your own geometry importer. I made my first .obj file importer this way. I recommend doing this instead of the usual “get 3d Exploration” advice, because once you have written your import code, you can always reuse the code again. Also, it allows you to dynamically import your geometry rather than having to compiling it in, as is the case with the 3d Exploration path.

If you are just interested in 3D-files try:
There´you´ll find very good descriptions of almost all 3D-files.