How to import maya files into opengl


how to import import maya files into opengl,


How to import specific file formats has nothing to do with OpenGL itself. I suggest that you look for a library that reads vertex data and such from a maya file, and then pass that data to OpenGL.


how to converter maya .obj or .ma file to .m file.


Learn about the file formats and then write code.
For file formats, I usually visit
Information about OBJ is on that site.
I don’t know what .ma and .m is.

The way that I get my Maya models into OpenGL is that I first export my model to the FBX file format. I then use the FBX SDK to parse the data and extract what I need to for my game engine.

Have a look here for details:

if your Maya models can be converted into 3ds format you can use LIB3DS library to import it into OpenGL. This Library can handle animation, lights and multicomponent/multimesh models.Lib3ds