How to Import an STL model?


I am trying to import an STL 3D Image using assimp .
at this moment i can import and show the model but the problem is , the program renders a complete white object ( as shown in the image bellow )
all the tutorials , follow more or less the same procedure which means , the model always comes with a .mtl file and texture images )

My question is how to import a 3d STL image without any material and textures and just see the raw 3D model with all its details and not a plain white surface ( which does not contain the details , like the curves and stuff in the image )

ps . in the 3D viewer app of the windows , when you zoom in you can see the small triangles ( all gray ) , since they are like separated triangles attached together , it gives the sense of depth in the image. i want to achieve this in my project .


i want the image to be seen like this :

you could try to ask windows then. The .stl seems to contain the needed info (the triangle normals).

such a brilliant answer .
anyway , it seems the problem comes with shaders and lighting system .

it matches the question.
Your model is the data, assimp is the intermediary and … you’ve mentioned nothing but a windows program as receptor/visual presentor of your data. If the presentor of your data fails … present us with it’s details or go to the appropriate place to get help.
Yes, the visual presentator is where the shaders and ‘lighting-system’ resides.

Don’t take this the wrong way please, but you have provided too little information in your request, and personally I can’t in one two sentences try to understand and solve your problem. If you had at least provided us with a 3D model that you were having trouble with, we would have immediately discarded the possibility of a damaged model or a problem with your software. Nevertheless, from my experience I can say that the biggest problem I had is with STL files, I don’t know why (for example I deal with 3D scan data and can export 3D models from Artec Studio with different extensions and when I have a chance I try to avoid exporting the 3D model in STL format). Try converting your 3D model to an OBJ extension and import it using assimp. Or provide your 3d file so we can retrace your steps and identify the problem.