How to get this setup?

I have probably spent countless hours (days probably) trying to get GL setup in C++. I have bought the OpenGL SuperBible 4/e only for it to FAIL at showing me how to setup GL. It used its own defined library (nty).

I had better luck getting GL setup in Java which I have done plenty of times, BUT NEVER with C++ and I am fluent in both programming languages.

I have my graphics drivers up to date…

I am using VS08 Professional…

I tried to compile NeHe lesson 02 program and it fails. It says something about glaux not found or whatever. After reading further into that glaux is outdated I’ve been told, so that means nehe is somewhat useless?

So how can I get this properly setup in VS08? I’ve been trying for months on and off… I tried that “” website, but I refuse to install 3 programs just to get these so called ‘libraries’.

  1. get glext.h and wglext.h from and
    Put the 2 files in “include/gl/” . I.e here with VS2k5 that path is “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\PlatformSDK\Include\gl”

  2. don’t bother with NeHe. Go to . Compile and run the samples there