How to get the VRAM size.


How can I have the memory size of the installed video card?
…and does it have any info how to manage video memory when using opengl?


OpenGL does not have any particular way of telling you this. However, some OpenGL drivers have put such information in the GL_RENDERER or GL_VERSION string.

Keep loading textures and test if they are
resident, until you run out?

In theory, you should not have to know the size of video memory, since there are so many issues involved in video memory management that apps getting involved will just cause trouble.

I doubt you actually just want to know the size of video memory. What are you really trying to do?

[If you really need to know the size of video memory, and nothing more (so, for example, you could print out how much there is somewhere), you can query with DirectDraw. However, I caution you against using this number for anything.]

  • Matt