How to get the OpenGL ES link-library?

Dear all,

I try to search the link-library for OpenGL ES, but what I can find is just the reference implementation.
Where can I get the link-library? Or how can I get it?

For different platform should have its specific link-library.
Currently which platform-specific link-libraries are available?
Is there any available link-library for WinCE and Linux?

Thank you for your help.

There is no such link library hosted on this site; the reference implementation is just a wrapper around a full OpenGL implementation. There are earlier posts in this forum, you can have a look and search. You might also want to have a look at the adopter’s list.

There is an open source project Vincent that works on a compliant implementation for Windows Mobile (i.e. Windows CE). A Symbian port (Series 60) is in the making. By the end of this month, we plan to fully pass the conformance test (last outstanding issue is mipmap selection/sampling).

Hope that helps,

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