How to get started & Possibilities

I was wondering how do i get started in coding OPENGL ? I mean like in for example like in the 3D Mark 2001, by madonion… having scenes like that.

I use 3dsmax4 if that makes the development easier …
And is there something like Direct3D coding as well ? i am a bit new to this, and dont what excactly you can code with this…but i am a fast learner

If you want to make demos like 3dmark2001, or games, or animations with your 3dsmax models, you’re in the right place to start.

Another good news, OpenGL is easier to learn than Direct3D, and it is functionnally equivalent, except that it is a bit faster in integrating the latest techs (through the extensions system).

To get started, either look for tutorials, or for books. I guess you’re running under windows, so tutorials will be found at :
And an excellent book to start with is :
The OpenGL SuperBible.
You’ll find its table of contents at :


Thx man ! guess i will be hanging around here awhile :stuck_out_tongue: