How to get OpenGL2.0 SDK

Is there anyone know how can I get the
OpenGL2.0 SDK(.h,.lib,.dll files),
I’m a Chinese student,and I can’t access
the or,
If anyone allready have one, can you email it
to me, thank you !

There is no SDK, the implementation is provided within your drivers and if you’re on windows, you must query all the function pointers as if they where extensions(via wglGetProcAddress). What you need are the header functions for extensions - nvidia or sgi used to have some…

I agree with puyun, when you want to get started with OpenGL 2.0, all you find everywhere are header files for OpenGL 1.1. OpenGL 2.0 is a standard, not an extension. It shouldn’t be this hard to find the header files. Both here and at NVidia there is no sign of them, no hints on where to get started.

The only place I have found where I get a 2.0 installation is in XCode 2.0 for the Mac. I suppose developer kits for Windows have the same, if they are updated, but DevCpp has 1.1 so the user must somehow find newer versions.

I downloaded nVidia’s SDK, and the only OpenGL file I find there is glext.h and cggl.lib. At Microsoft, all I find is 1.1.

Can someone please suggest what you are supposed to do to use OpenGL 2.0 if you have Windows XP, a working C compiler, a modern graphics board and OpenGL 1.1 headers and libs? I mean, apart from purchasing/upgrading a commercial development system. What about Linux? I don’t mind doing OpenGL development on the Mac, but when there are PC’s in the student labs, I must get 2.0 rolling there too.

On Windows, all GL functionality greater than 1.1 is accessed through extensions (or, more acurrately, by getting function pointers).

So, you do indeed need a glext.h header (possibly several) in order to access the functionality that you’re looking for.

Read the FAQ and getting started pages.

“For modern functionality, I need more than OpenGL 1.1. How do I determine what version and extensions are supported by a graphics card?”

As for an SDK, there isn’t an official SDK. You can download some GL SDKs from Nvidia and ATI. They include many demos.

As Zengar said, Windows only supports OpenGL 1.1. Therefore, any features beyond 1.1 are provided as “extensions” in the viewpoint of Windows, even though they’re considered “core” when the, say, gfx card manufacturer considers 2.0 as being supported. So, for ATi card users, they’d need to download the ATi OpenGL SDK and nVidia users would need to download nVidia SDK 9.5. In there, one would find the necessary “extension” files to support whatever features you need from 2.0 (since they now both support 2.0). As for other manufacturers, I wouldn’t know and you’d have to find out about them yourself.

Basically, all you would really need to do under Windows to use a specific function is something like the following:

#include <windows.h>
#include <gl.h>
#include <glext.h>

PFN_SOME_EXT_PROC glSomeExt = (PFN_SOME_EXT_PROC)wglGetProcAddress(“glSomeExt”); // assuming that you’re going to use the standard name for that “extension” (or core feature of OpenGL > 1.1)

public void main(char[] &argsv) {
// do something
glSomeExt(paramA, paramB, …);
// do something else


P.S. Sorry if I got the main function wrong…I don’t code C++ but rather Java…so the syntax is a bit different.

Opengl SDK :wink: