How to get OpenGL? (Counterstrike)


I play Counterstrike and I recently got Windows Vista. On XP I used to play on OpenGL. I can’t on Windows vista, I was just wondering is there any possible way I can get OpenGL on vista?

Please help me I’m a complete noob!

Computer specs:

Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit
Intel Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz
2.00 GB RAM
Radeon X1600 Seires (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)

Download and install your driver from here:

Thanks so much!

I’m downloading as we speak. When it HAS completed, what do I need to do? Will I have to do anything or will it automaticly work?


Just double click and install. Once you have re-booted, You should be able to select OpenGL rendering mode from the counterstrike menu.

(Hopefully it all works, some people are having trouble with 3D cards under vista - drivers are not mature enough)